Bruce Retterath,博士学位,持证心理学家


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Bruce Retterath,博士学位,持证心理学家

Bruce Retterath,博士学位,持证心理学家

雷特拉斯博士 is a licensed psychologist who has practiced at Pine Rest since 1993. He completed his undergraduate and doctoral degree at the University of North Dakota.


雷特拉斯博士 has participated in research projects including an assessment of patient response following bariatric surgery. He is a Clinical Director at Pine Rest; he provides clinical services and serves as the Clinic Manager at the 心理咨询中心. He is a member of the American Telemedicine Association, Michigan Psychological Association and American Psychological Association.


  • 焦虑症
  • 注意缺陷/多动障碍(ADHD / ADD)评估
  • 学习障碍评估
  • 情绪障碍(抑郁/双相情感障碍)
  • 心理评估


  • 青少年
  • 成人
  • 小孩儿